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The main aspects that define our winemaking philosophy at Viña Santa Carolina are related to the constant improvement of quality as well as the development and use of new production techniques in the vineyards and wineries. The mission of the winemaking team at Viña Santa Carolina is to produce excellent quality wines, with a focus on innovation and long term sustainability.

Our team


Andrés Caballero

Winemaking Manager at Carolina Wine Brands Chile

Restless, perfectionist, and innovative are qualities that define Andrés Caballero’s personality. After graduating from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile he travelled to Australia to work at the Rosemount Estate in Hunter Valley. Upon his return to Chile, he became part of the team at Viña Montes, where he took on the production of Premium wines in the area of Apalta.
He came on board at Carolina Wine Brands in 2005, where his work has been marked by his leadership and team work, the exploration of new areas in traditional winegrowing valleys, and experimenting with different varieties and winemaking techniques.
The fundamental mission of Andrés Caballero and his team is to consolidate the unique personality of Santa Carolina wines, emphasizing the virtues and characteristics of each of the terroir where our grapes grow.

“At Santa Carolina we produce wines that reflect our heritage, history, and identity. Each of our wines seeks its personality and complexity, seeking the fullest expression of the terroir, the fruit’s characteristics, and soft tannins.”

Alejandro Wedeles

Head Winemaker for Reserva, Premium, and Ultra-Premium ranges

Alejandro Wedeles has worked in the USA, Spain, and France. At Carolina Wine Brands, he is in charge of producing Santa Carolina’s Reserva, Premium, and Ultra-Premium ranges. He is a great connoisseur of Chile’s winemaking valleys.

“After a lot of investigation and practice, we understand the strong connection between the soil, the climate, and grape clones. With this in mind, we are always seeking out terroir to grow quality grapes with a strong character.”

Iván Martinovic

Head Winemaker of the Varietal range

With over 10 years of experience at Carolina Wine Brands, Iván is an expert in the production of varietal wines and a connoisseur of Chilean winemaking valleys.

“The real strength behind our wines is the team at Carolina Wine Brands. A very experienced group of winemakers that pursues excellence in all areas: vine growing, winemaking, bottling, and commercialization.”

Jimena Balic

R&D Winemaker

Our winemaker in charge of Research and Development graduated at UC Davis in the United States, and is specialized in the management of organic vineyards.

“Our vineyard has a tradition of over 135 years, which is a great responsibility. We believe that Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility issues are essential in our daily work.”

Nick Goldschmidt

Consultant Winemaker

Since 2006, this renowned wine consultant with experience in California, Australia, New Zealand and South America, advises Carolina Wine Brands on the development of wines that reflect the spirit of the company.
"After years of working with Carolina Wine Brands, I have seen the evolution of their wines and I have been able to experience their winemaking philosophy. I am convinced that their wines will be maintained for another century. "

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