inicio News ALL SET FOR THE 2020 HARVEST


02 January 2020

Each day brings us closer to the next harvest and everything is ready for what we anticipate will be a remarkable vintage.

2019 was an extremely dry year in Chile. On top of that, spring was rather cold, which caused the bloom to take longer than usual. However, temperatures started to rise around fruit set, which brought things back to normal.

Andrés Caballero, Chief Winemaker at Santa Carolina said “overall, today we are some 5 to 10 days ahead of an average year. We are still facing a huge water deficit. But, that has yet to take a toll. We need to watch carefully how things move along during January. Still, since it’s a very dry year, we’ve had a lot of work at vineyard level to keep yields high.

As to quality, the winemaker said “we are expecting it to be a great year. We’re paying close attention to make sure this is an amazing harvest and a great vintage.”

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