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The Maipo valley

Encased between the Andes and the Coastal mountain chain, Maipo is a valley of ideal climate marked by dry, hot summers and temperate winters with moderate rainfall.

The Leyda valley

This is a cool-climate valley with moderate rains and a heavy maritime influence.

The Rapel valley

Rapel is one of the largest valleys in the central region of Chile. The numerous microclimates found in this valley make it the terroir of choice for a wide range of grape varieties. The Cachapoal and Colchagua valleys are situated within the Rapel valley.

The Cachapoal valley

The Cachapoal Valley features warm days and cool nights due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

The Colchagua valley

Colchagua lies closer to the lower areas of the Coastal Mountain Range and thus benefits from the refreshing ocean breeze. This special combination brings about a prolonged and slow ripening period.

The Maule valley

Situated 250 km south of Santiago, the Maipo valley stretches down to Cauquenes in Chile’s VII Region. One of its signature characteristics is the diversity of microclimates, with rain concentrating between April and October and a dry season between November and March.

The Itata valley

The winegrowing tradition of this region started over 400 years. Proof of this can be seen in the family-run wineries destined exclusively for family consumption that can still be found in the valley.

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