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About us

Santa Carolina is part of Carolina Wine Brands, one of the leading wine groups in Chile, which belongs to the Watt’s S.A. agribusiness group owned by the Larrain family. With a history spanning over 140 years, Santa Carolina is one of the oldest wineries in Chile.
As Carolina Wine Brands’ flagship brand, Viña Santa Carolina has strong international presence around the world. Its main markets are Canada, Brazil, Japan, Chile, Mexico, China, and the U.S. With strong, steady growth over the past three years, annual sales now exceed 25 million bottles.
Santa Carolina’s wide portfolio offers excellent quality wines in all price ranges.

Our philosophy

Santa Carolina is Chilean Heritage. With over 140 years of existence, we have a lengthy history and sound tradition. Yet, innovation runs in our veins and our winemaking philosophy is the proof of it.

“Renew, improve, discover, enhance… all these words describe how Viña Santa Carolina has done things since it was established.

Santa Carolina History


Founded by Luis Pereira

Viña Santa Carolina was founded by Luis Pereira. He named the winery after his wife, Carolina Iñiguez. He hired a French winemaker – Germain Bachelet – in order to make top quality wines from Chile.


The construction of the cellars began

The construction of the cellars began. This was led by a French architect Emile Doyère. Nowadays is still used as the main cellar for the winery.


First Chilean wine to obtain international recognition

Reserva de Familia Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded a gold medal in the “Exposition Universelle” of Paris, France.


Luis Pereira dies

Mr. Luis Pereira founder of Viña Santa Carolina dies.


Anonymous society

Santa Carolina S.A was created.


Transfer of vineyards

Winemakers started the replantation of old vines from Rodrigo de Araya to San Luis de Pirque.


Last harvest

Last harvest of Rodrigo de Araya’s vineyards, in current Santiago downtown.


New Events

The cellars were declared National Monument. Nowadays is the only building still used, constructed using the techniquel of bricks joined with clay and egg White “cal y canto”. In the same year, the winery was bought by the Larraín Family.


Reconstruction of the vineyard

A big earthquake hit our city winery causing big damage.


New wineries

Reopening of the new and rebuilt city winery. A new stage begins for Santa Carolina.
That same year starts the project Bloque Herencia, which aims to rescue pre-phylloxera old vine material.


New image

Santa Carolina launches the upgrade of its brand image for all its products surprising its consumers.


Best New World's Vineyard

Santa Carolina celebrated it´s 140 anniversary and was awarded as the New World Winery of the Year by the recognized Wine Enthusiast magazine. Also reopened its facilities for tourism and re-launched a showroom.


New image: Carolina Reserva

Our Reserva wines have a new image and a new name –Carolina Reserva– inspired on Carolina Íñiguez, the wife of the winery’s founder Luis Pereira.


Winemaking philosophy

The pillars of Viña Santa Carolina’s winemaking philosophy are continuous improvement of the quality of our wines and development and use of innovative production techniques at vineyard and winery levels. The mission of Viña Santa Carolina’s winemaking team is to produce wines of superior quality with a focus on innovation and long-term sustainability.

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