02 January 2020

As part of our tireless striving for sustainability and minimal impact on the environment Santa Carolina is committed to carbon neutrality. Accordingly, we are proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary by offsetting part of our carbon footprint, being one of the first Chilean vineyards to obtain CarbonNeutral® certification.

Being Carbon-Neutral involves calculating and neutralizing the greenhouse gas emissions. Santa Carolina compensates the emissions associated to land and sea transport of our premium and icons wines to local and international markets.

Santa Carolina’s commitment to the environment translates into one verified carbon credit by each ton of greenhouse gas generated in the transportation of those wines. This ensures that an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emission is reduced from the atmosphere through a renewable energy or clean technology project. We supported three projects during 2019:

  • Valdivian Coastal Reserve, Chile: A project aimed to protect biodiversity that is currently under threat, conduct scientific research on the native Valdivian rainforest, support the sustainable development of surrounding communities, and ensure the long-term stability of this ecosystem.
  • Kitambar Ceramics, Brazil: A project focused on the production of ceramics and bricks in a sustainable way, for civil construction and architecture. They replaced their traditional wood-burning combustion system by biomass technology that uses organic matter from waste.
  • West India Wind Power, India: This project consists of delivering clean energy to India through the operation of 242 turbines that generate a total of 375,000 MWh every year. Today, clean energy represents only 13% of the total electricity of a country whose rapidly growing population generates a large energy demand.

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