inicio News Phase II of Bloque Herencia Project Underway

Phase II of Bloque Herencia Project Underway

05 June 2018

The Bloque Herencia grapevine recovery project was launched at Santa Carolina’s estate in Totihue in 2012. Five years into the project, we have a new reason to toast: Phase II of the project has officially started but in a different location – Cauquenes.

The purpose of this new phase is to analyze how the selections recovered through the project in Totihue respond to different soil and climate. “If we aim at categorizing our selections in terms of production, quality and winemaking potential, we definitely need to test them in a different environment and climate,” said Jimena Balic, Santa Carolina’s winemaker, responsible of the Innovation and Development projects. “When we started planning the Cauquenes project, we realized that this area had the perfect and sufficiently different conditions to support the analysis that would allow us to see how well they behave,” Balic explained.

This project differs slightly from the original in the sense that the varieties chosen were those that we expected to perform well based on their ability to adapt to the new area and climate. Among the varieties selected are Mourvèdre, Tempranillo, Carignan, Carmenère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Romano, and Torrontés.

“Our plan is to let the project grow just as it did in Totihue,” the winemaker explained. “This second Bloque will provide us with an increased volume of vine material that we can use in new plantations,” Balic said.

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