inicio News THE 2021 HARVEST IS COMING


29 December 2020

A new year, a new harvest. This is how the first months of every year are lived in the Southern Hemisphere.

Luckily in Chile, and unlike the trend seen in recent years, 2020 brought plenty of winter rains in the vast majority of the valleys. The combination of abundant rainfall, a dry and cool spring with minor frosts in some sectors, and the current excellent average temperatures, allows us to foresee that the 2021 harvest will take place a week or so earlier than usual.

“So far, so good. Although the fruit set was not complete during the spring months, the bunch load in our vineyards is pretty good, so we expect a good harvest in terms of yield,” said Andrés Caballero, Carolina Wine Brands Chile Winemaking & Agricultural Director. “When the fruit load is good and the harvest is a little early, this is usually good for wines,” he added.

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